Seville, Spain

Seville is a terrific city.  Even in August, 110 degrees, it's a terrific city.  While it's true we had to bolt in the night from a hotel with no AC to the blessed icebox that was Hotel Madrid, we had a fantastic time in Seville.  We woke up early, stayed out late, and participated in the siesta tradition...to excess.  I don't think 7 hour naps are what the Spaniards had in mind.  I didn't get any picturse of the flamenco show we saw, but believe you me, it was the most beautiful, captivating thing I've ever seen.  One woman, in a sweltering lamp-lit room dancing to beat back the devil.  Or, probably more accurate, considering the latin reputation for romance and sensuality, to seduce him. 

Inside The Alcazar
That looks very familiar...Those Moors were everywhere!
The Alcazar
Basillica Macarena - this church has a life sized "statue"
of the virgin mary with human hair and who, I have on good
authority, wears undergarments beneath her robes.
But really, don't you?  
Feeders at the Bullring
This tower is sister to the mineret in Rabat and Marrakesh.
The Moors built this before they were booted out and the Spanish
simply turned it into the Seville Cathedral's bell tower.  
Columbus' Remains.  Supposedly.  
What's a Cathedral without a lot of statues of saints?


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