So I said...

"There is a problem with my split pack AC unit.  It keeps making funning noises and the filter alarm is beeping"

And then the nice handimen from the consulate who help me fix broken things in my house lifted the front section of the air conditioning unit to reveal a giant cockroach.

A cockroach that was just hanging out in there waiting to be ejected in what would have been a cockroach life triumph: rocketing through the air unfettered, arms and legs waving goodbye to its well ventilated prison, then landing on my face during the night where it would be king of the hill until I awoke the next morning and removed my own face with a toxic cocktail of bleach and facewash.

Dear bugs,

It's on.
I brought traps.



  1. Oh man, I can sympathize. When I moved to Houston, I spent my first night in my new, very empty, apartment sleeping on the floor on a little mattress pad. I was just getting comfortable when a HUGE cockroach scuttled right by my face. It totally freaked/grossed me out. I jumped up, grabbed the plastic garbage back my stuff had been in and killed it...with my almost bare hand. Ever since then, cockroaches and I have an understanding. They stay away from my face, and I mostly leave them alone.

  2. EWWWWWE!!!!!

    Ok listen, if you run out of weapons, drop me a line. I will send you anything you need. Nobody should have to have those nasty things around!

    ...says the girl who's moving to Djibouti...yikes

  3. Oh. My. Hell. That makes my skin crawl...

    (I've marked my calendar! We'll teach you how to camp, eat tinfoil dinners, get s'mores all over your face, and sleep with rocks under the tent. ;) It feels so far away...just hurry home!)

  4. How giant are we talking here?

  5. Pretty big is how big. Beyond "yucky" and barking up the "vile" tree.