Burrito Anyone?

Ok, we just unpacked our last shipment of Household Effects (It came in two shipments - why?  No idea) and the presence of an extreme quantity of refried beans and chili powder was clearly the act of a deranged shopper.  I thought perhaps it was a little excessive when I bought it back in April but this is really insanity.

My Kitchen looks like a bomb shelter with dry milk and canned food stacked above the cabinets.  I can't say I'm not very pleased that I will never run out of salsa... but we might have to start drinking it as a beverage to clean out some space for fresh food in there.

Looks like every party at chez nous from now on will include edibles from south of the border.  Er, quit a bit west of our border and then south I guess.  Before our Mexican food mandate The Husband and I actually held a little get together last week for his consular section.  To cope with the nerves I baked and cooked and dairy-ed away the day in preparation.  We had flatbread and veggies with hummus and tzaziki (all homemade) and at the end of the night we bellied up to a quadruple batch of my french vanilla ice-cream.  In between food stuffs we sandwiched a game of Monopoly Morocco in which I took on the persona of Donald Trump and shamefully forced good, kind folks out of their property.  Winning is not as fun as people think it is AND it is probably bad form for the hostess to demolish her guests.  I will be on my best behavior next time.

I'm generally a wimp when it comes to social things.  I love meeting strangers - and being a stranger for that matter - but the idea of social gatherings gives me the sweats.  Well, I should say has given me the sweats.  The party was fun and I felt so happy to be part of the sense of community that the foreign service life offers - and requires to be honest.

I look forward to many more such gatherings...where tiny tacos will undoubtably be served.         


  1. I think the fear of drinking salsa (the reality that you're now faced with) is the reason I've under-bought while doing my consumables shopping...well, except for the cheez-its.

    Oh how I wish I was in Casablanca with you guys. Your homemade snacks sound amazing!

  2. Shut up - you did NOT do homemade Tzaziki! How?! I have tried an excessive amount of recipes and cannot get anything that tastes like the delicious store bought stuff.
    Recipe. Now.

    Also - thanks for the consumables tips. Drinking salsa really doesn't sound all that bad to me! :)

  3. You're a girl after my own heart. I'd love an excuse to drink salsa.

  4. So funny you brought all that food! When my family relocated to Israel we brought cases of peanut butter with us!

  5. I gave you a glowing recommendation when the state department officer stopped by on Monday! Ole!

  6. I gave you a glowing recommendation when the Embassy man came to my house the other day.