To Market

I'm just getting up the gumption to take my camera out by myself.  I realized today that I usually use my husband as a kind of shield.  I run around and take pictures while he acts as body guard and attention diffuser.  It's not like he juggles or anything (which he can do by the by) but that I feel like the many pairs of eyes are split between the two of us.  Thanks for that Max :) 

But today I took some shots of the great little market by my house.  I came home with a bunch of basil, two round loaves of bread, and 10 dirhams worth of almonds.  
 I got there right around lunch time and most of the people were sitting down to bread rounds and harira soup.  And when I say "people" I mean men.  Outside of the grumpy girl who sells fly covered pastries I was the only woman.  Maybe I missed the rush of women buying food for their evening meal already?

As I circled the enclosure I saw one man washing his dentures in the fountain at the end of the market.  A splash on the face, a dripple on the hands, and a dash on the dentures for good measure.  Why not?   


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