When in Rome

Ok, here is a little bit more info about our potential Italy gig.  I started applying for things back when I thought we'd be here through the summer and then come back to Israel.  I wanted to travel, make a little bit of money, and get out of our expensive apartment for a few months. 

In my internet searching I came across an English Instruction Summer Camp that takes place in various cities in Italy.  It is a Drama/Singing/Dancing/Crafting camp for Italian youth with very little "classroom instruction" time.  In the morning you do a little bit of grammar and typical "English Teacher" stuff, and then in the afternoon you work on crafts or sports with the kids.  You also practice a short play that will be performed for everyone at the end of the two week period.  Each "play practice" has a grammar goal and a vocabulary focus - it's very neat.  The whole thing is really play" oriented.  The kids ages 6 to 14 as I understand it. 

So I just started emailing this nice woman and a couple of passport photos and applications later - we have a job offer!  Our circumstances have changed a bit since we are coming home, but we can still do the camp for at least 2 weeks (the length of one session) and maybe 4 and get home July 10th at the latest.  So we are still coming home, but if we decide to do this we might come home a few weeks later than we had planned. 

Of course living in Italy while someone else pays for your housing and food is sweeeet, but the best part is that they will pay us.  Both Max and I will be employed so we will make enough to cover our plane tickets home and have some living money when we get home.  This way we won't have to be such mooches:)

So there it is.  We are still deciding if the timing will work out for us, but it's so nice to know that if we are on board, there is something waiting for us.   

We have decided not to apply for Scotland, but if you want to spend 2 weeks to a month in Scotland this summer while managing a hostel in the boondocks you should check out this website.  No pay, but free room. 


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