Why, you're Max S___

An awesome thing happened last night. We went to a forum at the branch (about the Christian Presence in the Holy Land - it was amazing) and ran into the organ player for the Jerusalem Center. Evidently people from Salt Lake (provo, whatever) are called specifically to this position. Max's boss at Classical 89, W.R, knew Brother W., the Organ Player, and told Max to say hello to him when he got to Jerusalem. When we ran into him Max said

"Hello Brother W., W.R. says hello"

And the man said "Well, you're Max S____ I recognize that voice."

He totally recognized Max from his radio voice! Isn't that hilarious? He went on to tell Max that he didn't look like what he thought he did from hearing his voice. Max's beard is pretty bushy and amazing right now and his shirt was a little wrinkly due to lack of hangars - I'm sure he looked like a wild man out of the jungle to this man.

"I thought your face was longer, more angular. And that you were about this tall" he says, holding his hand up to the bottom of Max's chin.

I don't really know what to do with the implications that Max sounds like an angular short dude, but recognizing his voice was pretty sweet.


  1. I was just thinking this morning that I miss hearing Max on the radio. Classical 89 just won't be the same. And I kind of wish I could have taken over for him.

  2. Love this story. I like Max tall round and bearded.

  3. I, too, have always thought Max should have been short and angular. Love you both. It was faboo chatting with ya. Much love!

  4. I like the visual of the guy blinking up at Max mit his beard and wrinkled shirt, after expecting someone short and pointy. That's hilarious.