All's Well in Austria

This morning we left for Jerusalem.

After a bit of a rough morning - all of our bags were overweight (but we consolidated to have only one of them over the limit in the end), we were told we could carry on 4 bags PLUS our guitar but at the gate a most unsympathetic flight attendant told us we had to check one more bag (bringing our checked total to 5 bags - but so far we haven't had to pay the extra baggage fee. Max always tells me not to voice things like that, but I don't believe in that... so there), and carrying what feels like our whole house on our back we are in Austria.

Our longest leg, 8 hours, just ended and we slept the whole way. We still feel a bit ooky, but I think that will pass. In New York we encountered a large group of Hasadim and our philosophy has been to follow them wherever they go. So far so good.

We've already had many surreal moments and I'm sure they will continue. We'll keep you posted! We love you Mom and Dad (both sets, respectively) and will call soon!


  1. I'm breathless with anticipation- I can't wait to hear all about everything!

  2. How did you get away with not paying the extra baggage fee? I want to know your secret.

  3. Brooke: You are now in the top tier of my hero-lady pantheon!

    Max: Schein Bord, mein Freind!

  4. Love you guys!! I am so excited for your new adventure. Can't wait to hear fun stories and see amazing pictures.

  5. :'(
    Oh man, life stinks so much more now.

    Good luck with everything! You are very very very missed!

  6. Good luck you guys! Can't wait to hear all the adventures you have in Jerusalem! Travel safe!