Tech Czar Brooke

I have officially appointed myself Tech Czar of our wee family. What that means, among other things, is that I have to figure out how to

1) Communicate with our family and friends while abroad (thank you gchat video)

2) Figure out how we are going to see the final season of Lost and The Office when their respective networks do not offer international viewing privileges via their websites!!!

3) Lots of other things...

Number 2 is really giving me heartburn right now. At one point one of the nerdy blogs I read said that Hulu was thinking of providing their material overseas, but that they BLOCKED it at the last minute. ARG. There is something called a Elgato Eye TV that I guess can help us see American Television shows...but I haven't quite figured it out. I'll learn more and report.

Any thoughts?

(I know, isn't it awesome that with all of the things to think about when moving out of the country for two years viewing American TV is high on my list.)


  1. We splurged about purchased The Office from iTunes...we considered it our "date night" money.

    And we love webcams. :)

  2. Uhhh...right. Proof-reading is a good thing. I forgot.

    We splurged AND purchased...